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2 new drabbles:

Title: Scent
Fandom: 17 Moments
Pairing: Schellenberg/Stirlitz (hinted at), Mueller



Title: Her Majesty's best-looking officer
Fandom: historical RPS
Pairing: Schepke/Kretschmer


Joachim Schepke:


There's not much to post right now, but you might want to know this:


You can win short 3-sentence-drabbles of a fandom/pairing of your choice. Have fun!^^

You can also post there anonymously (just tell me who you are over here).


Artist: valkoinenzheet.deviantart.com/

I love the artist. :gh3:


And now valkoinenzheet is drawing a little comic for my S/K ( Шелленберг/Кальтенбруннер) drabble. How awsome is this?!!? :-)



Written for Мастер Боевой Линейки. :-)

Soviet Actors RPS fanfic: Tabakov/Tikhonov (PG-13)
Title: Clothes Make The Man
Summary: The way a person dresses reveals a lot about them. Actors are no exception.



17 Moments of Spring drabbles: Stirlitz/Schellenberg (NC-17)
Title: Seventeen drabbles (part 1)
Summary: Seventeen key moments in the relationship of Stirlitz and Schellenberg.




Пейринг: Шелленберг/Кальтенбруннер
Жанр: Humor, Romance
Рейтинг: PG-13
Примечание: WORLD, documents

When Schellenberg put the documents on his desk, leaned closer and pointed out a few details with his small, perfectly manicured fingers, Kaltenbrunner drank the first shot of cognac. Offering a second glass to Schellenberg, who gracefully declined as always, Kaltenbrunner couldn’t help but notice how nicely the other man smelled from up close – he quickly emptied the glass himself.

Reaching for the American cigarettes in his pocket, Schellenberg drew one out and bent down without interrupting his report, silently requesting a light, which his superior provided with clumsy hands. Lips that would make any woman jealous, which seemed permanently fixed in a somewhat boyish grin, wrapped themselves firmly around the cigarette, wetting the tip carefully before sucking greedily.

Downing another shot, Kaltenbrunner, who started to feel a bit dizzy, sometimes wondered if the other man knew what he did to him, but no – he pushed the notion from his mind – he couldn’t make other people responsible for his own moral shortcomings.


Brumalis Stella, твой заказ! Anyone else wants a drabble, just let me know! :-D



Brumalis Stella, твой заказ!

Пейринг: Гейдрих/Гиммлер
Жанр: Humor, Romance
Рейтинг: PG-13
Примечание: SNAKE, I can't find my glasses!

SS-Gruppenführer Wolff pressed his ear to the wooden door, trying to make a sense of what was happening on the other side. Normally he would never dare to eavesdrop, but the strange noises coming from the Reichsführer’s private office were slightly unsettling and made Wolff worry a bit – the Reichsführer and Heydrich had been arguing a lot lately, maybe he should intervene before things got out of hand?

At the sound of his knocking the other room fell dead silent, a silence that was soon followed by muted curses and even more scrambling and shuffling and rearranging of furniture. “Knock it off and go answer the door, I can’t find my glasses,” Himmler’s angry voice was so low Wolff could barely make out the words. Evidently Heydrich was in a much better mood: “You wouldn’t want me to answer the door,“ he answered cockily, “I can’t find my trousers.”


Brumalis Stella, you made me write Гейдрих/Гиммлер, verdammt... :)

My request is: Schellenberg/ LINA Heydrich, NIGHT, prompt: little gifts

Or if you prefer a slashy request, just write: Schellenberg/ Heydrich, NIGHT, prompt: Lina


Does somebody else want to exchange drabbles? I can also give you prompts in Russian. :)


Books rec

Is there a Russian translation of the French novel Благоволительницы (fr. Les Bienveillantes) by Jonathan Littell?

I copy the Russian summary: «Благоволительницы» представляют из себя вымышленные мемуары доктора Максимилиана Ауэ, бывшего нацистского офицера, который пережил войну и заново открыл себя спустя много лет на севере Франции, в качестве предпринимателя средней руки и семейного человека. Максимилиан является интеллектуалом погруженным в философию, литературу и классическую музыку. Он также является хладнокровным убийцей и законченным бюрократом. Глазами этого культурного, хотя и чудовищного человека мы испытываем на себе ужасы Второй мировой войны и нацистского геноцида евреев в наглядных, тревожно точных деталях. В период с июня 1941 по апрель 1945 года Максимилиан проходил службу в Польше, на Украине и на Кавказе, он присутствовал при Сталинградской битве, в Освенциме и Кракове, он посещал оккупированный Париж и пережил хаос последних дней нацистского режима в Берлине. Хотя Максимилиан – персонаж абсолютно вымышленный, его мир населен реальными историческими личностями, такими, как Эйхман, Гиммлер, Геринг, Шпеер, Гейдрих, Гесс и сам Гитлер. (And Heydrich. And even some Schellenberg.)

Chapter 1: magazines.russ.ru/inostran/2009/5/li4.html


Хм... Мюллер
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Is it because Schellenberg calls Müller a jealous Bavarian girl? I am a Bavarian girl after all... :eyebrow:


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Заглянула к kyliesvillain на ЖЖ. Как всегда удачно :eyebrow: :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

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